Social Network and league Engine platform that gives amateur soccer the professional world look.

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Explore as a Fan

Customise your news feed ! Receive updates from local teams, players or leagues.

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Play Soccer

Find and join a team or league in your city.

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Create and Play Games

Enjoy the pick up games community by finding games around you or creating and promoting your own games.

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Manage Your Team


Create and edit your roster.


Team events, RSVP, reminders.


Create, track and collect fees.


Send bulk messages.

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Share Success

Share Success

All your stats, played games, results, championships, awards will stay in your profile forever, which can be shared with your fans.

Manage Team

League Manager Engine

League Manager Engine


Create, share, and update schedules instantly and automatically.


Easy and configurable online registration.


Send invoices, collect and track payments. Keep updated reports.

Game report tracking

Receive referee report from app with automatic standings and stats actualisations.

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Simple & Beautiful Interface

Of course several screens of the app will be needed to sell the app on the landing page.


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